Working Group

WG 3

Research methodology for technology-assisted PA and exercise interventions in old age


The WG will prepare two scoping reviews describing the technology and sample characteristics of 1) home-based and 2) clinical/laboratory-based technology-assisted exercise/physical activity interventions in older adults to identify the reasons, risks and mechanisms for pitfalls and problems. Further systematic reviews will follow in order to prepare the background for the guidelines (D3.1; D3.2) which will use the formal consensus procedure and include appropriate assessment standards. 


The main objective of WG3 is to collect and analyze methodological issues related to technology-assisted PA and exercise interventions in older adults. Further aims are to a) make a consensus on reasons, risks and mechanisms for pitfalls and problems in technology-assisted interventions, b) work on improvements in recruitment criteria and procedures, comparability of assessments (and thus comparability of study results, in order to raise evidence levels, see WG 1), and  goal-setting and intervention design. For all these tasks, the priority is to find a topical focus or reduction of complexity (e.g. narrow goals or target groups) which allows for a simple and exemplary solution ready for implementation in algorithms and thus technology. 



WG3 Steering Group

Prof Jana Pelclová


Prof Christopher Mccrum

Vice Leader & Review Leader

Dr. Sunwoo Lee

Deliverable-Leader (3.1)

Prof. Nadja Schott

Deliverable-Leader (3.2)

Dr. Rosemary Dubbeldam


Prof. Nihan Ozunlu Pekyavas