Working Group

WG 2

Data for utilising biomarkers and behavioural markers as well as environmental factors


This WG will take an inclusive and holistic view in order to define relevant outcomes, markers and moderators in the context of technology-assisted physical activity for older persons. These variables will be structured making use of the WHO’s Healthy Aging Framework. Based on expert discussions and literature review, we will report these and define standards for utilizing these (D2.2). We will condense the list of variables to a minimal dataset of ‘must do’ and ‘should do’ and possibly ‘nice to have’ variables, ensuring a holistic approach (D2.3). This enables inclusion of established measures as well as promising, novel variables in our eventual repository ensuring its sustainability. As a prototype and demonstration of the use of the designed data structure, data of one or more actual project(s) will be delivered to an existing open data platform (D2.4). To ascertain ethical, legal and financial aspects for these procedures we will create a compendium (D2.1)


The objective of this WG is to define what one should assess before and/or after technology-assisted physical activity interventions in old age and how to assess it. We aim to define standards and create a data structure to be implemented as open data repository utilizing an existing open data platform. Practical, legal, ethical and resource aspects will be documented and tested for actual data delivery. The eventual repository will enable pooling of data from multiple studies after completion of this Cost Action. This WG will take a holistic approach making use of the Healthy Aging Framework to define and categorize outcomes, markers and moderators from multiple sources relevant for the investigation and evaluation of technology-assisted physical activity interventions. 



WG2 Steering Group

Dr Erja Portegijs


Dr Carl-Philipp Jansen

Vice Leader

Dr Erik Timmermans

Review Leader

Dr David Beckwée

Review Leader

Wouter Vints

Review Leader

Dr Martin Krssak

Review Leader

Prof. Yael Netz

Review Leader

Prof. Ivan Bautmans

Review Leader

Veerle Knoop

Review Leader

Emelyn Mathot

Review Leader