COST Action CA20104

VM/STSM : Open Call for PhysAgeNet


Short-term scientific missions (STSM) and Virtual Mobility (VM) refer to either an onsite visit of a host organization located in a different country by a Researcher or Innovator for the specific work to be carried out, or to a collaboration in a virtual setting among Researchers or Innovators within the COST Action to exchange the knowledge, learn new techniques, etc. STSM grantee receives funding for implementing an international team and gains new knowledge or access to equipment or techniques not available in the home institution, while VM grantee will be given the chance to develop capacity in virtual collaboration and networking in a pan-European framework.
The aim of the Network on evidence-based physical activity in old age (CA20104) is to establish a sustainable network that will foster evidence-based research and practice of physical activity in older adults and collaboration across experienced and early career Researchers and Innovators is essential, thus the CA20104 are holding an Open Call for Short-term Scientific Missions and/or Virtual Mobility.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Any researcher affiliated to a legal entity and is:
    • Either a COST Full/Cooperating member;
    • Is from a Near Neighbor Country (NNC), or
    • Is from a European Research & Technological Development (RTD) institute.
  2. Recommendation letter from a WG leader or vice-leader.

Selection of Applicants

Only participants who comply with all eligibility criteria will be considered for the Grant; however, in the case of similar applications, priority will be given considering the gender balance, career (early career investigators will be prioritized), geographical inclusiveness and potential outputs.

Financial Support

The STSM/VM grant covers the following positions:
  1. Travel and sustenance (only in case of on-site participation);
  2. Overall effort for implementation;
  3. Printing of scientific poster (only in case of on-site participation).
The covered amount for participation is up to 4000 EUR for STSM or 1500 EUR for VM. Please note that STSM grantees may request up to 50% pre-payment of the approved grant. This amount is subject to availability of funds and approval by the Grant Holder Institution.

How to Apply

In order to apply, participants need to:
  1. Create a Grant application in the e-COST system;
  2. Select the grant from the page “Apply for new grant”;
  3. Fill in the application for the Grant and add the following supporting documentation:
    • Application form (template available on e-COST) describing goals, work to be carried out by the applicant, expected outcomes and description of the contribution to the Action MoU objectives;
    • Confirmation of the host on the agreement from the host institution in receiving the applicant (only for STSM);
    • Recommendation letter from the WG leader.
4. Submit the application.
For a detailed description of the Grant Awarding Process, please see Grant Awarding User guide:

After the VM/STSM

After the VM/STSM, the participant must write and submit a report via their e-COST account, including:
  1. Report to the Action MC, including, description of the work developed, main achievements of the STSM and planned future follow-up activities;
  2. Claim for the payment of the grant via e-COST;
Please note that the report should be submitted no later than 30 days after the conference or no later than 15 days if the STSM/VM finished after the end of Grant period, whichever date comes first.