COST Action CA20104

ITC CONFERENCE : Open Call for PhysAgeNet


ITC Conference Grant targets Young Researchers and Innovators that are affiliated in an Inclusiveness Target Country (ITC) or Near Neighbour Country (NNC) for their participation in high-level conferences. The aim of the Network on evidence-based physical activity in old age (CA20104) is to establish a sustainable network that will foster evidence-based research and practice of physical activity in older adults and will enhance the integration of innovative ICT solutions based on open data consolidated research information, in order to promote health and reduce the burden of inactivity in ageing populations. To achieve this goal, the involvement of PhD students and early career researchers is essential, thus the CA20104 are holding an Open Call for Inclusive Target Countries conference call until August 15 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Only PhD students or Young researchers (< 40 years) with a primary affiliation in an institution located in ITCs are eligible. All candidates are invited to apply; however, priority will be given to those from institutions already participating in PhysAgeNet COST Action CA20104.
  2. The applicant must give an oral/poster presentation at the conference in question and must be listed in the official event/conference programme, as well as the book of abstracts of the respective conference.
  3. The main topic of the oral/poster presentation at the approved conference must be on a topic relevant to PhysAgeNet COST Action CA20104 and must acknowledge COST.
  4. The conference in question should take place until October 31.
  5. In addition to these general criteria, the call for applications may include specific aspects (e.g. related to eligible conferences or to topical aspects of PhysAgeNet). These will be applied for the approval process. i.e., ranking of the applications.

Selection of Applicants

Only participants who comply with all eligibility criteria will be considered for the Grand; however, in the case of similar applications, priority will be given to those institutions already participating in PhysAgeNet COST Action CA20104. 

Financial Support

The ITC conference grant covers the following positions:
  1. Travel and sustenance in case of on-site participation;
  2. Registration fee;
  3. Printing of scientific poster (in case of on-site participation);
  4. Overall effort for implementation.
The covered amount for participation is up to 1500 EUR for on-site conference or 500 EUR for virtual participation.

How to Apply

In order to apply, participants need to:

  1. Create a Grant application in the e-COST system;
  2. Select the grant from the page “Apply for new grant”;
  3. Fill in the application for the Grant and add the following supporting documentation:
    1. ITC grant application based on the e-COST template
    2. Copy of the abstract of the accepted oral or poster presentation
    3. Acceptance letter from the conference organisers
    4. A document confirming that the abstract for presentation will be published in a Book of Abstracts (e.g. a screenshot from the conference webpage)
    5. A confirmation letter that the Grant candidate is from an institution participating in CA20104 (optional)
  4. Submit the application. 

For a detailed description of the Grant Awarding Process, please see Grant Awarding User guide:

During the Conference

During the conference, we encourage you to take pictures and send the to the Grant Awarding Coordinator (Kristīne Šneidere,, as well as, tweet from your own account during the conference, mentioning @physagenet and @COSTprogramme, and using #ITCConferenceGrants, #PhysAgeNet, #COST, #activeaging, #exerciseismedicine or any other relevant hashtag.

After the Conference

After the conference, the participant must write and submit a report via their e-COST account, including:

  1. report template;
  2. certificate of attendance;
  3. programme of the conference or book of abstracts/proceedings indicating the presentation (oral or poster);
  4. Copy of the given presentation (oral or poster);
  5. Copy of the article (if published in Conference Proceedings).

Please note that the report should be submitted no later than 30 days after the conference.